Fatso Almond and Seed Butter

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Fatso Classic Almond and Seed Butter
You can’t change a classic...or can we? We brought back our signature flavour with a twist! In addition to our amazing nut and seed blend, and all those plant-based fats, you’ll find real shredded coconut for an extra delicious texture. Classic Almond + Seed is perfect poured over oatmeal or drizzled over a fresh-cut apple. Or spoon straight to mouth - whatever!

Fatso Salted Caramel Almond and Seed Butter
Can’t get enough of that salted caramel! The nutty and earthy taste of almonds and seeds are intensely enhanced by this warm caramel flavour and boost with pink Himalayan salt. Drop some into a blender for a smoothie or use it in your fave banana bread recipe.

Fatso Maple Almond and Seed Butter
Because we’re Canadian, that’s why. Also we know that, Canadian or not, everyone loves the roasty toasty-ness of maple! This beautifully balanced, warm flavour goes great on toast, on top of pancakes, or baked into maple almond butter brownies!