Fee Brothers Bitters

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Fee Brothers Bitters have been referred to as a "spice rack behind the bar." The effect of Bitters in a drink is to balance, round out and make more complex the flavour. Your mouth has taste receptors for sour, sweet and salty; AND it has a receptor for bitter. The more receptors a drink tickles on the way down, the more interesting the drink. You know you have used Bitters correctly when the person having the drink says, "Wow, there is something going on in the background of that drink. That is interesting." Consider that a slam-dunk.

People will ask, "What would you used flavoured Bitters in?" The answer is, "Anything you want!" There are, of course, plenty of recipes on the internet which use Fee Brothers flavoured Bitters but it is more important how people think about Bitters. It goes back to the "spice rack" theme. Turn the question around. Ask them what would they use basil or oregano in?

Fee Brothers Bitters should be presented as a group in keeping with the "spice rack" theme. While one or two flavours present alternatives for the bartender, the group as a whole sparks the imagination.

All Fee Brothers Bitters come with a dasher cap for easy dispensing.