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The Italians perfected pasta in a little town just south of Napoli called Gragnano. This town and the pasta produced there have been given protected status under European law. Indicazione Geografica Protetta (IGP). Gragnano pasta must adhere to some strict guidelines in order to qualify for the IGP status.

1. It must be extruded through a bronze die

2. It must be dried at low temperatures for 6 - 60 hours

3. It must be produced and packaged within the Gragnano area.

4. Local water from the Lattari mountains must be used.

Alarmingly, it does not state where the grains should come from and that is because, whether it's the small, traditional pastifici in Gragnano or the largest producers in the world, many source grains from western Canada. We are blessed with an amazing terroir for growing different grains such as hard Durum wheat, Einkorn, Emmer and Spelt or Buckwheat and Sorghum, all producing excellent pasta! This truly is a Canadian story. There are only two ingredients in good quality, super traditional pasta... flour + water and we have an abundance of both right here in the Pacific Northwest.

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