Myni Spray Bottle + Cleaner Tablet 750mL

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Discover the new Myni 750mL spray bottle made with wheat straw. This is the first collection of spray bottles made from natural wheat straw. It's a simple alternative to plastic! This bottle is durable yet biodegradable at the end of its life.


How to use

Make your product with tap water. It’s effective without compromising the environment!

  1.  Fill your 750ml spray bottle with water.
  2.  Insert your cleaning tablet.
  3.  Close your bottle and wait full dissolution before use.

Compost the package after use.

Once the product ready to use, spray on surface and wipe with a clean cloth, like any other conventional cleaner.



  • Sold by unit
  • Format: 750mL
  • Includes one cleaning tablet of your choice, to make 750mL of cleaning product
  • Bottle made from wheat straw
  • Made in Quebec, Canada


  • All Purpose: For all surfaces, from the kitchen to the kids' playroom, even the dog's crate (avoid using on natural stones).
  • Glass and Mirror: Make your mirrors and windows shine!
  • Bathroom: Remove limescale buildup from your bathroom, ideal for ceramic tiles, toilet bowls, counters and showers!
  • Degreaser: Effectively remove traces of grease without using toxic products (range hood, cooking surfaces, counter, etc.)
  • Stainless Steel: Polish all your appliances and your stainless steel surfaces.